About us

T-Industry is your go to when it comes to private label apparel production. With close to 40 years of hands on experience, including times at the famous Released, we know how to guide you through the process and turn your idea into a readymade garment. At T-Industry a minimal order consists of 250 pieces per style, sounds good, right?

Our never out of stock program will keep close tabs on your sales and available stock and will refill accordingly, making sure you can always offer the best pieces to your customers. Our transparency on the process including consultancy, sourcing, development, production and transport will keep you in the loop on your order. And we’ll involve you in every step necessary to ensure a desired end product. With a wide range of available fabrics, knowledge of the industry, years of experience in the production of fashion pieces and an impressive track record on previous projects, you’ll immediately notice you’ve come to the right partner to turn your spark into a finished product in no time.

By having close ties to our producers in Portugal, Greece, Turkey and China, we can guarantee a realistic production timeline, taking 4 to 6 weeks for a finished product to be in your hands. It could not be any easier, even if we tried.

At T-Industry we are here for a personal approach to building your garment business.

1. Idea

The team of T-Industry is here to guide your idea into production. With a minimum order of just 250 pieces per style, it is worth a shot. How does it work?

T-Industry can provide you with big support in terms of development by having you look through our archive or previously developed fashion items and available fabrics. You have this great idea for an apparel piece that will take over the industry and we are here with a personal approach to production. After sending us your thoughts about your idea and preferences through this form, we”ll contact you for a meeting (personal, by phone or video call) to discuss the possibilities and consult on the garment you are looking to produce.

After finalizing the details concerning the design, we”ll send you a quotation. Once the financial part is done, we”ll take your idea to our producer for a sample. Which will be in your hands within a week and warrants another meeting to discuss this single piece in terms of sizing, quality, possible adjustments et cetera. Once these are all checked off, we”ll take the garment into production and will keep you in the loop of the process. Securing you of a product that will take the market by storm.

2. Sourcing

We only work with the best fabrics from the best places. To ensure you get the product you desire, we are always looking into the most honestly sourced fabrics. What we have to offer is:

  • 100% (organic) cotton, cotton/ea, Vortex Viscose/ea, Micromodaal, Tencel
  • Allover printed designs: digital/paper/rotation/photo, on woven as well as on knitted materials
  • Jacquards in one (1) or more colors, 3D jacquards
  • Yarndyed striped, mechanical of engineering rapport
  • Punta di Roma uni/ or with leather design foil
  • Woven blouses, dresses, skirts and blazers

Please, clarify your (combination of) preferences on the form. If you are looking for something specific that can not be found there, please let us know and we”ll gladly look into it, hoping to turn your idea into a wearable garment.

From idea to garment

3. Development

The excitement of development: together we will look into your idea to go into production. At T-Industry we”ll consult on your current plans and possibly make (small) adjustments to take it to the next level. From this a pattern will follow and we”ll send it to our manufacturer(s) for a sample. Within a week you”ll have a tangible piece to look at and make upgrades on. Once we have an agreement on the final design, we”ll take in to production and keep you up to date on the process.

4. Production

With close ties to our manufacturers, we can keep a close eye on the production of your garments. While ensuring the best and most efficient use of fabrics, making sure you get the perfect product and your money’s worth.

All ideas will be put in production at our factories in Portugal, Greece, Turkey or China. After we”ve completed the sampling process, the final design will be at your doorstep in 4 to 6 weeks.

What more could you ask for?

5. Transport

Depending on the place of production we”ll choose a suitable transport method. Always keeping in mind that you get the apparel within the discussed time frame. In case of any delays we”ll inform you and will take up the responsibility to speed up the process of transport and delivery.

Let's bring your ideas to life


For more information on your own idea of a readymade garment, you can contact us by filling in the contact form.

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